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When working with Nocktech you can expect your site to be:
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  • And Responsive With A Mobile First Approach
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We Offer the Best Website Design Service in Newmarket

In business today, a flawless website is essential. Your site must look great, load fast, and catch the web user’s interest.
That’s where we come in. We’ve established a reputation as the best web design Newmarket service for one simple reason – we deliver every time.
There is no one more important to us than our clients.
That’s why our team of web developers has the experience, qualifications, and dedication to excellence in order to exceed your expectations.

Importance of Website Design

On average, you have only 15 seconds to impress visitors to your site. If you don’t manage to do this within that timeframe, you’ll lose over half of your visitors immediately.
It’s going to affect your page rank and conversions.

Bounce Rate Is A Ranking Factor

One of the ranking factors Google and Bing use is the bounce rate of your site. If people bounce off within a few seconds, then search engines will mark your site down.
They see this as an indication that your site is either low quality or unrelated to the search terms, harming your business.

A Smart Site Structure Helps Users Find What They Are Looking For

Another aspect that needs to be considered is how easy it is to use the site. Do people have to go searching the site for the information they want, or is there an easy navigation structure?

We Are The Top Choice For Web Design Services in Newmarket

Nocktech prides itself on our web design services that promise the best user experience, while appealing to search engines.

Our Web Design Process

We start off with a consultation with you and are going to ask a lot of questions. We need to understand more about your business and your goals for the site. We need to make sure that we’re on the same page.

Before you come in, please consider the following:

  • What are your top three goals for this site? Which goal is most important? Is your site there to drive sales, or to set you up as an industry expert?
  • Who is the primary target market, and what are their needs?
  • Who are your main competitors? Think in terms of both direct and indirect competition.
  • Provide some background about your company.
  • What look are you trying to achieve? Business professional? Business casual?
  • What message do you want to get across? What ideas will help to motivate your target market to check out your compan
  • What is your company’s unique value proposition

Once we’ve completed the primary interview, we’ll come up with a couple of ideas.  We’ll provide a basic mock-up so that you can see what you like best, then well begin working on the website.

Starting with the web design team, they’ll refine the elements that you liked and discard those that you didn’t. They’ll make sure that the site looks great to the end-user and to search engines with the best possible keywords.
Once the design is complete, it’s over to the web development team to make sure that the site operates flawlessly. Our team will collate the design elements and create a fully operational site.
Finally, the site is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it loads fast and works perfectly. Then we send everything through to you for your final comments. If you want something changed at this stage, we’ll get it done before the site goes live.

We Create Stunning Responsive Designs

Today, with the sheer number of different devices, responsive web design is essential. Your site needs to look good no matter what device it’s being read on. We’ll make sure that your site looks great, no matter what screen a user utilizes to view it.

Mobile First Approach

Considering the increasingly widespread use of various mobile devices, mobile web design has become a necessary consideration for any website. Google has made it clear that mobile readiness is a deciding factor when ranking sites.
That’s why we adopt a mobile-first approach to design. If your site looks great on the smallest screen, it will look fantastic on a larger one.

Hand Over Your Web Design Woes to the Experts

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