Software Development

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Solving Unique Problems With Custom Software

There is a wide range of software on the market today. But what if you are not able to find what you’re looking for?
If your business has unique challenges that must be overcome, or you have an idea for a new kind of software that your market will love, NockTech can help.

They see this as an indication that your site is either low quality or unrelated to the search terms, harming your business.

Whether you’re looking for CRM development tailored to your needs or an app for clients, we have you covered.

Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile application is relatively simple, but making a good app requires specialized tools and experience. There are many programs out there that can assist with this, but these do not make up for practice and knowledge.
The common use of apps makes them a valuable consideration for any business about apps, consider some of the stats:
Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that more than 75% of users will only use the app once if they are dissatisfied on first use. If the app doesn’t live up to their expectations or is glitchy, they’ll never use it again.
That’s why it’s important to build your app from scratch. Those app development programs that are cheaper oftentimes create products containing glitches and other bugs. If you want a custom app that will attract attention, and get used often, you need to avoid that.
Let us assist you in creating the perfect app. We are experienced in software development for IOS and Android. Regardless of the platform, NockTech will make your app appealing to all audience.

Custom Software

Custom software could be a far more cost-effective option for your business depending on your needs. Generic software is good, but you tend to end up paying for features that you’ll never use and work with a less efficient service.
With customized software development, you’re only paying for features that work for you. You’ll be able to streamline processes within the organization for optimal productivity, saving time and money.
Say, for example, that you’re interested in project management software. Ones on the market have been designed to be generic so that most companies can use them. They could lack the features you want making your purchase a useless expense.
Another consideration is that the software is yours for life. You’ll pay a bit more to have it designed initially, but you will see savings over time by avoiding licensing fees. With generic programs, you usually pay a monthly or annual fee; with your own software, you avoid this and could even sell the new software yourself for a greater profit.

We Do Both Customer & Business Facing Applications

We understand that our clients have different goals when it comes to software. Sometimes you want a top-notch program to improve efficiency. At other times, you want a great product that will enhance the customer experience.
You might even have a unique idea that you want to translate into a sellable product.
Whatever your aims are, speak to us, and we’ll assist you in making your goal a reality.

Our Software Life Cycle

Our software life cycle consists of 5 distinct stages:
  1. Planning: Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll work out a step-by-step plan to make the software a reality.
  2. Analysis: We look at similar products on the market and identify their strengths and weaknesses. We will consider the potential limitations in terms of your own software.
  3. Design: This is where we start moving into the creation of the software. We create programs that are convenient, and that meets all the requirements. Bug and glitches are removed at this point.
  4. Implementation: This is where we’re ready to get the software set up. We’ll help you to install it onto your system.
  5. Maintenance: We do extensive testing before releasing the software. Over time, though, bugs might be found. Keep in mind the software will need to be updated from time to time.

CRM Development & Support

A CRM system is a vital tool for any business that wants to be easily scalable. A great CRM system makes accessing customer data quick and easy. It helps to automate tedious tasks so that your staff can concentrate on more important things.
A well-designed CRM will reduce the amount of time needed for various tasks and will improve the accuracy of data. Speak to us about designing the perfect CRM system for your company.