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Optimize your pay per click campaign and maximize your converstions.
When working with Nocktech you can expect your campaign to be:
  • Targeting High Value Keywords With Low CPC
  • Maximizing Quality Scores
  • Attractive and Highly Convertible Landing Pages
  • And Constant Monitoring And Reporting
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Do you want optimal online visibility and increased traffic from people in your target market?
Our PPC marketing Newmarket services can get you the results you want quickly through the strategic and effective use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. We have experience using PPC to supercharge brands from various industries by boosting their brand awareness, reputation, search ranking, lead generation, and more.
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What is PPC(Pay-Per-Click)?

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of online marketing. It works by advertising your brand or webpages in search engine results. Clicking a PPC ad will take an internet user to your page, and for each click, you pay a fee to the search engine or other platform your ad is being run on.
A simpler way to look at PPC is that you are paying to have internet users visit your site. The alternative to PPC is getting visitors to come to your site organically from search engine results, which does take longer but is recommended to reach a wider audience.
You can run a PPC campaign on various platforms, including social media sites like Facebook. But the most popular and effective place to run a PPC campaign is on search engines, specifically Google.
For example, on Google, you can set up a PPC campaign for a specific keyword. Every time internet users search for that keyword, your website will appear at the top of the search results. That makes your site the first relevant choice for search engine users looking for that keyword.
But a PPC campaign isn’t simply about setting and leaving it. Without close monitoring, your PPC campaign can become a costly venture that doesn’t yield satisfactory results.
That’s where we come in. We offer pay-per-click advertising Newmarket trusts, with a full-service PPC solution that covers all aspects of setting up and running a PPC campaign to ensure you achieve your specific marketing goals.

Our Pay-Per-Click Strategy

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC management, you can rely on us to provide you with a winning campaign that gets you results. Unlike other agencies that run PPC campaigns to simply raise traffic, we run campaigns that increase traffic and convert that traffic into customers. Our approach yields a greater return on investment, increasing your customer base and boosting the profitability of your website.
To start, we first take the time to understand what your goals are for a PPC ad. With this information, we can formulate a strategy that has everything required to get you the results you want. A key part of the strategizing is keyword research.
Through the keyword research, we will find the keywords to use for your campaign and expose you to the most relevant internet users.
Once the PPC ad is up and running, we will provide you with personal updates containing a detailed report of the campaign. As part of our full-service solution, we get you results by prioritizing:
  • Keyword Relevance: We create a list of relevant PPC keywords that we’ll use in ad text and other places to get you optimal online visibility.
  • Landing Page Quality: The PPC ad will lead internet users to your landing pages. These pages have to be optimized to convince and convert your visitors. If not, you could be paying for hundreds of clicks that yield no revenue. We will boost the quality of your landing pages with engaging content and a winning call-to-action that guides your PPC visitors to take the actions you want on your website.
  • Quality Score: The higher the quality score of your PPC campaign, keywords, and landing pages, the less Google will charge you for ad clicks. By increasing your quality, we minimize your expenses and boost your return on investment.

Offering Full Service Solution

Our clients typically enjoy packaging their SEO services along side their PPC management services. We strongly recommend not only focusing on PPC and simultaneously develop your site to also bring in organic clientele.
If you currently don’t have a website, but want to get improve your companies online visibility, we also offer web design services to aid you in building an attractive and highly convertible website which is driven to build leads and make sales.

Why Choose Us To Handle Your PPC Campaign

In the right hands, PPC is a powerful tool that can take your brand and website to the next level. But without the requisite knowledge and tools, you could end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on pay-per-click management without tangible results.
We keep abreast of the latest PPC best practices and have strategies to suit the unique requirements of brands from various niches. Because we understand that no two businesses are the same, we won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your project. Instead, we’ll take the time to develop a custom strategy that’s tailored to satisfy each of your unique goals.
Choose us as your PPC agency and you can look forward to:

Undivided Attention

For your project, we will provide you with a dedicated team whose sole priority is delivering the results you want. All our PPC tools will be at your disposal to create a custom PPC campaign, execute it, monitor it, and tweak it for the best results. We’ll also keep you updated on the results of each step.

Drive Leads

We deliver PPC campaigns that not only boost your search rankings but also boost your qualified leads and revenue. We accomplish this through PPC ad text that targets and engages the right audience and guides them towards taking the actions you want on your website.
Depending on your business and website, this may be buying a product, subscribing to a service, or more. Whatever it is, we make sure you profit from your PPC campaign.

Keyword Research and Monitoring

Without exceeding your budget, we’ll find and apply the best keywords to take you ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Advertising

Our PPC management service isn’t limited to Google AdWords. We can provide you the same PPC service on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to increase your brand awareness and generate leads.

PPC Cost Management

The cost of PPC advertising can skyrocket if it’s not closely monitored. As your management team, we’ll make sure that your campaign never goes above budget, and that you get a healthy return on investment for each dollar spent.

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Unlike Search Engine Optimization that takes three to six months to yield results in terms of increasing traffic and generating leads, PPC works much faster. With our PPC management service, you can see results within days.
Let our team take your brand and website to the top today with a custom PPC management service that reaches the right audience, properly showcases your brand, and generates satisfying results.
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