Local SEO Services

Grab the Attention of People That Matter With Our Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO works similarly to standard SEO since it aims to get you a top SERP. The difference here is that the goal is to target local searches. Why? If you’re a local business relying on foot traffic, you need support from locals.
Someone clicking on your site from halfway around the globe won’t do much good.

We Will Manage Your Google My Buisness

One of the most straightforward tools to help you climb the ranks in local SEO is free. It’s the Google My Business (GMB) page. We know that it’s a hassle to manage all these pages, and that’s why offer management services.
Everyone should claim their GMB page. If you don’t, Google will pull all the information it can on your business together and create a summary on their own: the wrong information could be displayed.
Sadly, if you don’t claim your page someone else might. This is a popular tactic used by hackers and spam sites to redirect your traffic to their sites. Your competitors could even be doing the same thing.
Google puts a lot of stock in the value of these pages. You’re not likely to land in the coveted Google three pack without them. (The top three results highlighted alongside the map of the area.)
The page itself is simple to complete, but when professionally done you ensure your business is portrayed in the best possible light.
It’s important, as well, to make regular posts on this page to help show Google the business is still active. Our team will help you claim your page and optimize it properly. We’ll help manage the reviews, posts, and any other changes you’d like to make.

We Offer Citation Audits

How many times have you updated your listings across the various online directories and is the information correct? It’s essential to have all your information matching online for customers and Google.
Google wants to verify that you’re a legitimate business; It, therefore, checks the information on your site against all the information it finds online. If there are discrepancies, your page will appear less in searches.
Another reason to complete a citation audit is that you never know which directory people will access. If a potential client comes across your listing and the number is outdated, they are unlikely to search beyond this to find it. They may question the legitimacy of your services.
Our full citation audit will check the following:
Our team provides you with a full report and assist in correcting any errors that we find. From there, we’ll assist with citation building so you have a range of citations.
We recommend that you consider having this audit repeated every year or two. This will ensure that only the latest information is accessible.

Local SEO On-Page Optimization

With local SEO, you’re going to need to use key phrases, but your content needs to have a local bias for the best result. That means creating content using locally specific language: places and events.

The key is that you firmly establish which community your business serves.
As the top company in Newmarket offering website localization services, we’ll identify the best SEO optimization practices on your behalf and implement them for you.

Local Link Building

Traditionally, the aim is to get backlinks from authoritative sites. This helps bolster the credibility of your site. You’re going to want to do the same thing with local businesses.
But link-building here goes beyond establishing your credibility in the eyes of a search engine.
It’s not going to do you much good in terms of driving actual sales if your links are drawing in viewers who aren’t close enough to use your service.
With a smaller business, links for other local sites is a better bet. Even if these sites have little to no authority, they help build your presence online and you’re exposed to the clients of that business.
An excellent local link will: