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About Our Company

We are a SEO marketing company that specializes in building and optimizing websites. We have been working in the SEO field for over 12 years helping customers make the most of their services. Our company has grown over the years and been able to observe the ways that SEO has changed over time through constant research. Nocktech has found its success by putting the client first in all aspects.

Our Vision

As members of the community, we want to see local business flourish. We saw a need in businesses not getting the results from their existing websites, and others who wanted to take advantage of customers that were not being reached currently. Nocktech came together to help see the community thrive through connecting people to the services they want, in a location near them.

Our Mission

At Nocktech, our mission is to serve as the cornerstone for digital transformation in businesses of all sizes. Through our expertise in innovative digital marketing solutions, we aim to drive data-driven results that surpass expectations. We are committed to fostering long-term relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional customer engagement, analytics-driven decision-making, and integrated marketing services that are tailored to each unique business landscape. Our goal is to not just meet the standard but to redefine it, propelling our clients to market leadership positions while promoting sustainable growth.

Roman Fainshtein

Roman Fainshtein is the founder of Nocktech and brings over 15 years of experience in development and digital marketing to the table. Leveraging his extensive background, he has built Nocktech into a reputable digital marketing company that focuses on innovative solutions and data-driven strategies. Roman’s dual expertise in both technical development and marketing uniquely positions him to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to clients.

Roman Fainshtein

What Drives Your Website Great Results

Nocktech accesses all possible means to boost your website to the top of the results. Some of the techniques that we have adapted into our process are:

Page Optimization

Internal Site Audit

Content Marketing

Technical SEO

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